Resources for the College Years

There is a lot of financial issues that come with the college years.  This page looks at planning for college, making the decision to go back to school, calculating the associated costs with college and more.
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College Education Cost Planning

This section from, a partnership with the National Association of State Treasurers, looks at a variety of college financial topics and how to make the best decisions.

Single, In School, and Just Starting Out

This section from provides tips to develop the right financial habits and skills when you’re first on your own.

Going to College

These pages from, a collection of resources from U.S. Government agencies, provides information on FAFSA, scholarships, money needed while at school and more.

Lifelong Learning

College isn’t just for those in their teens or 20s.  This AARP sections looks at lifelong learning and how to financially make it happen.

The Delaware College Investment Plan

Read all about the 529 plan sponsored by the State of Delaware.

Delaware Higher Education Office

The Office works to ensure that Delawareans have access to state resources for higher education by administering financial assistance programs and more.  The site also provides information and applications for scholarships. 

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