State of Delaware Investment Portfolio

The Delaware State Treasury is very proud of the performance of the state’s investment portfolio under Treasurer Flowers.  Since Treasurer Flowers assumed office, the Treasury increased the portfolio’s market performance by over $45 million dollars (approximately $650 million – $850 million is invested long-term).  Also, under Treasurer Flowers and the current administration of the Treasury, the had positive returns 31 out of 38 months!

Due to recent legislation signed by Governor Markell,  effective February 2014, the Cash Management Policy Board will make future investment and allocation decisions relating to the portfolio and their performance will be available on our website.

Click below for portfolio details under Treasurer Flowers’ allocation model from January 2011 – February 28, 2014:

Click below for portfolio details under the Cash Management Policy Board’s allocation model from March 1, 2014 – Present: