Resources about Parenthood and Adoption

This section looks at the financial planning and issues involved with parenthood and families of all types: including birth parents, step-parents, adopted parents, foster families, military families and blended families.  These resources provide answers to the situations that arise for all parents. 
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Planning for a Baby
13 Things Your Family Can Do Today
Teaching Your Kids the Value of Money
Managing Child Care
Single Moms and their Money
Blended Families
Military Families
Multigenerational Families and their Finances
Financial Planning for Unmarried Couples
When Adult Kids Move Home for Economic Reasons

Birth/Adoption of a Child

This section from includes information from U.S. Government agencies to help you prepare for the major financial impact that comes with having or adopting a child.

Resources for Parents by Topic on the Prosperity Portal

In addition to food, health care and child care, parents face decisions everyday on a number of topics.  They worry about their child’s education, saving for college, having a home to accomodate their family, paying energy bills and more.  Please visit the other pages on the Prosperity Portal that cover those specific topics to get all the information you need to make the best financial decisions possible. Click here to visit the Resources by Topic Main Page.

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